Grand Mufti: Extremism couldn’t win in Syria

20131025-141643_h508990Grand Mufti of the Syrian Republic Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun stressed that the international parties have begun to realize the reality of events in Syria and their consequences which will spread to the whole world.

In an interview with SANA reporter in Moscow, Hassoun referred to the so-called “Friends of Syria” as saying in London that there can be no solution in Syria except the political one, despite the fact that they themselves always sought military support since the beginning of the crisis.

The Mufti pointed out that the reason behind the retreat of those is not for the sake of Syria, but because they realized that the fire which they ignited will spread to reach them.

“Syria has warned of extremism and has been fighting it for years, which is why extremism couldn’t win in Syria,” said Hassoun.

He pointed out that Syria is now paying the price for confronting global extremism, adding that the whole world have realized this fact which is why they supported political solution and going for the Geneva 2 conference.

The Mufti noted that whether Geneva 2 conference will be held or not, the Syrians have expressed their rejection of the military solution and will continue to fight terrorism.

Hassoun said that the so-called “Syria’s friends” group once comprised about 100 states, while now that group includes 11 countries only, the biggest of which is Qatar.

He said that the steadfastness of the Syrian leader and army is the result of the support of the Syrian people to them, adding that the Syrian people is the side that is victorious.

Earlier, The Grand Mufti stressed to members of the Syrian community in Russia the importance of joining forces as to save the country and stop the bloodshed, highlighting that “Syria is waiting for all of the Syrians with all their spectrums to extend help to their homeland as to stop killing and destruction in it.”

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