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Grand Mufti urges Arab unity to confront US divisive schemes


Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun stressed the necessity of reviving interest in the Arab unity-based doctrine to confront the US and European attempts that seek to stir up strife and discord in the Arab nation.
During his meeting on Sunday with Leader of the Lebanese Towhid Movement Wiam Wahhab, Hassoun stressed the importance of exerting efforts to “unifying human thought under the umbrella of the Arab thought that was molded by divine messages and made sacred by the teachings of prophets.”
Wahhab said that Islam in Syria calls for openness, amity and tolerance, in stark contrast to the “distorted Islam that takfiris are calling for.”
Syria is moving closer towards vanquishing the international terrorism targeting it, Wahhab affirmed, Wahhab said, indicating that ”Syria has exposed the US Islam that has deceived the region for so long and is now faltering in Egypt and Tunisia, and soon in the entire Muslim world.”
Sheikh al-Akl Yousef al-Jarbou expressed confidence that Syria will win the war against terrorism and extremism, underlining the significance of steering clear of misleading fatwas issued by parties who are so detached from the teachings of Islam.

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