Great Satan US, UK train foreign terrorists in Jordan to send Syria for freedom(?)

A new report says Syrian insurgents have been receiving training to use light and heavy weapons in Jordan with the help of the British and US governments.
The report published by the McCLATCHY website cites terrorists to reveal the training took place as far back as October and involved hundreds of militants.
The report quoted Kamal al Zoubani, an insurgent from the southern Syrian city of Daraa as saying, “We hoped there would be more training on larger weapons. But we were allowed to take light weapons back to Syria with us.”
The report quotes Zoubani as saying he was selected to receive the training along with at least three groups of 50 to 60 militants at a military base in southern Jordan in October, where uniformed Jordanian military officers were present, as well as people he believed to be American intelligence officers.
The revelations about terrorists being trained in Jordan comes after on Wednesday the United States recognized the so-called National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

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