Great Satan’s FM Zionist Kerry gives all support to terrorists then says: “No military solution to Syria crisis”

No military solution to Syria crisis

Great Satan US Secretary of State John Kerry says the crisis in Syria cannot be resolved militarily but through negotiations between all the parties involved in the situation.

Referring to meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov a day earlier, Kerry said “We remain committed to the effort to bring the parties to a Geneva 2 (conference on Syria) to implement Geneva 1, and we will try our hardest to make that happen as soon as is possible.”
This is while on Tuesday the Congress cleared the way for the transfer of American weapons to the militants in Syria. The militants say they will start receiving the arms in August.
The Western-backed Syrian National Coalition (SNC) has hailed the decision as a “move forward.”
Ahmed al-Jarba, the SNC’s newly elected leader, said after meeting Kerry in New York on Thursday that the weapons transfer should happen quickly.
Jarba and three other senior SNC members are scheduled to meet UN Security Council members in New York on Friday.
Earlier in the week, the SNC leader met with French President Francois Hollande in Paris and asked for military assistance.

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