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Hajj in the Manner of Ibrahim (PBUH) from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (ra)


The Ibrahim-like Hajj plays a very valuable role not only in the political and social life of the Muslims but also in the fate of all human beings. The great significance of Hajj with its magnificent functions has led to the fact that no other practice of worshiping can ever be an equal to it or take its place. It is quoted from the messenger of Islam (SA), who said: “There is nothing superior to Hajj except ‘prayers’, but prayers are performed in Hajj too”. (1) This is because Hajj, in comparison with other religious practices, is the only worshiping that if it were performed in a lively and enthusiastic move together with the announcement of disgust to the polytheists, the believing Muslims never become captive to the Jews of the time, and no action can ever have such an effect. Imam Khomeini (s) says in this regard:
“The precept of Hajj among other percepts enjoys a special characteristic; perhaps it is because the political and social aspect of Hajj is prior to its religious perspective.” (2)
With regard to such an importance, our immaculate Imams (SA) have called Hajj a means of strengthening the Islamic religion. They have introduced Kaaba as a lofty flag for Islam. This means that as long as Hajj is properly performed and is given magnificence, the Divine Religion will remain powerful with its flag hoisted and fluttering.
It is evident this role of Hajj will be put into action on the condition that it is performed spiritedly and enthusiastically to display the real Islamic unity, and this will not be possible unless we can reject the aliens and enemies of Islam by announcing our freedom of obligation toward them. It is for this reason that the enemies of Islam are trying hard not to let social and political dimensions of Hajj be elaborated for the Muslims; sometimes they consider the political movement in Hajj as a contradictory to the spiritual nature of Hajj, which is unfortunately one of the matters of grave concern for the Islamic society.
In this respect, the enemies of Islam struggle to show the glorious congregation of Muslims in the ceremonies of Hajj less attractive and make it avoid of its excellent political-social content. They have planned to render the great and important function of Hajj, in holding the Muslims in high esteem and reinforcing the religion of Islam, fruitless.
So, in the words of Imam Khomeini (s), “That kind of Hajj can be fruitful if it is spirited, animated, with the people risen against oppression and for the unity. That kind of Hajj is useful, that can cause to shake the bases of atheism, polytheism, and can intimidate the enemies of Islam and Muslim’s honor. On this basis, Hajj will have lots of political benefit; so Muslims are obligated to struggle to gain that benefit.
It is every Muslim’s obligation to challenge false beliefs. The faithful believers will rise, combat and renounce those who are hostile to God’s creatures. According to their religious motivation and by following God’s commands and His messenger (SA), they must stop their spiritual and practical relations with those who obstruct the way to God.
Therefore, being disgusted with enemies of God and whatever keeps a person back from growth and evolution, and whatever is an obstacle in the way of their prosperity have educational and religious values before they can be political and social issues. We can also say that rejecting the enemies is the principal policy of the Islamic school, particularly in the practice of Hajj. So, it is necessary for the pilgrims of the House of God and the believers to seek separation from disbelievers, idols of the time and polytheists, that is, those who are determined to terminate Islam and humiliate Muslims.
Announcing that you are disgusted with the atheists and polytheists is publicity and a psychological defense against and a confrontation with the global arrogance and corruption, which indicates foreign policy of Islam toward disbelievers in the scene of international relationships, publicity, the campaign and the holy war.
Imam Khomeini (s) in his historical message about seeking separation from polytheists, by taking inspiration from the Quranic verses, says:
“Never is it feasible that the purity of monotheists’ love becomes apparent except by expressing the complete disgust to the polytheists and hypocrites. Which house is there more deserving than the safe and pure House of Kaaba for the people, in which they can reject any form of oppression, aggression, exploitation, slavery, non-humanity or ignobility both practically and verbally? Where is it a better place than Kaaba for the Muslims to renew the promise of “Am I not your Lord… (3) to break the idols of goddesses and other dispersed masters? Why ought we not to keep alive the most important and glorious political movement of the prophet on the day of “Greater Pilgrimage?” (4) The prophetic tradition related to the announcement about “being disgusted with the polytheists” is not something to become old-fashioned or abolished! This tradition is not restricted to the time of Hajj. Muslims ought to make the space of the world replete with love and affection toward the Eternal Being, and practical hatred toward God’s enemies. Muslims should not listen to the “sneaking whispers”, the creators of doubts and hesitations, to the deviated and the ossified. They should not neglect this sacred tune of monotheism, this universal tune of Islamic divine command!” (5)
And in continuation, the Imam says:
“Our shout is the shout of a nation to whose death the whole irreligious and the arrogant are lying in wait. All the arrows in their bows and all the spears have aimed at the Quran and the household of the prophet. But how unlikely it is that the followers of Mohammad (SA) and those trained in the Ashoora of Imam Husain and those awaiting the inheritance of the righteous will ever submit to a contemptible death and the captivity to the west or the east! How far it is that Khomeini remains silent and quiet in the face of the aggression to the sanctuary of the Quran by those demonic polytheists or infidels and those insulting the household of the messenger Mohammad (SA) and the followers of the noble Ibrahim (PBUH)! How far it is that he sits to observe humiliating Scenes of inferiority of Muslims!” (6)
The great congregation for performing the precept of Hajj, in addition to its unique qualities, is one of the effective factors in thwarting the conspiracies that are planned to cause disunion among Muslims and disrupt the unity of the Islamic communities. If their were not such a great monotheistic congress at Hajj, no doubt, the plots would work and hardly would there be a desirable alliance between millions of Muslims of different sects in the world.
Imam Khomeini (s), by taking inspiration from the noble prophet of Islam (SA) says with regard to Hajj:
“Hajj is the manifestation and reiteration of all pleasant, enthusiastic scenes in a man’s life and a perfect society in the world. The ceremonies of the pilgrimage to Mecca are the same ceremonies of life. Since the Islamic peoples’ society of all races and nations must become Ibrahim- like, it must be linked to the great nation of the prophet Mohammad (SA) to constitute a single entity. Hajj is the regulating and practicing scene for the formation and organization of such a monotheistic life.” (7)

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