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“Hajj is program for Muslim unity; Muhammad (PBUH) is mercy for all.”

Muslim world is on the peak of one of the most important activities, Hajj pilgrimage, the biggest Muslim congregation.

Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), highlighted Hajj pilgrimage as the program to form united Muslim nation.

Senior Iranian scholar also demanded Muslims to introduce the true character of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by following the example of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the symbol of mercy for all people.

Q: It is the time of Hajj pilgrimage. As the head for an organization in charge of boosting Muslim unity, what is your idea on Hajj as a very good opportunity for the Muslims to meet and strengthen their unity?

A: I think activities in Hajj that God Almighty ordered people to do guide people to be a united nation. God Almighty introduced Muslim nation as a united nation and God described himself as the Lord of these people telling them to obey him and not merely worship him.

In my view, if we obey God Almighty, holy Qur’an and our messenger Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), then we will be a united nation.

Still Hajj stands for many other meanings when Hajj means realization of a united nation and not merely performing the rituals like Ihram and Tawaf. God Almighty said Muslim nation has to do something to its benefit and the best one is to be united; therefore, Hajj means that Muslim nation has to discuss that as an aim when the people have to discuss the way the mechanism of this unity.

Hajj is the program of unity, when people from different places come together and gather in the same place performing the same rituals. These rituals are activities of unity and Hajj itself is the program of unity.

I think the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought also has to discuss some special programs to perform its duty towards realization of Islamic unity.

Q: Desecration of Muslim sanctities has been repeated recently. Actually it has turned into the weapon of mass provocation. What is your view on that?

A: I think the biggest challenge for the Islamic nation is the efforts to bring discrimination between the people from different denominations.

As a counter measure, we have to return to Islamic values, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We have to accept Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as our leader and our symbol because returning to him is in fact a return to Islamic values which can save us from any discrimination.

Q: Do you think that a lack of knowledge can be a reason for such anti-Islam measures? If yes what is the solution for that?

A: As I have said before the main characteristic for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are two things.

Firstly, Allah introduces Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as mercy for all people when God addresses Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),” We send you as a mercy for all.” As you see, Allah describes him as a mercy and then orders us, Muslims, to follow him and accept him as a symbol. Then if our Prophet (PBUH) is the mercy for all nations then we, as his followers, have to be mercy for all nations either.

The second thing is that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the best symbol of morality and maturity. We have to follow him in order to be mature, righteous and just. After all we are following Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and we stand for should properly introduce these characteristics to the people across the world.

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