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EXC.:Hajj Qassem Soleimani’s heritage in Syria

Gen. Soleimani, as the commander of IRGC Quds forces, from the beginning of crisis in Syria, due to his important role that had in managing this project, provided the base for realization of Iran’s strategies that include preservation of the Syrian government and confronting with Takfiri groups, by supporting of Syrian army. He have left a heritage in this country, as one of the side of the Resistance axis.

From the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran defined its major strategy based on the preservation of Bashar Assad in power. On the other hand, in opposite side, US and its regional allies, defined their strategy based on overthrowing of Bashar Assad and removing him from power. In fact enemy’s major strategy in Syria, was defined based on the principle of removing Bashar, and despite some discords between US regional allies, these countries were agreed in one issue regarding project of Syria, and that was removing Bashar Assad from power, and in the other side, the Islamic Republic of Iran entered Syria, as one of major supporters of Bashar Assad’s administration, and did some actions in various fields like military, security, political, economic and media, for supporting of ruling administration. And in this path, was following realization of some strategic aims, include survival of Bashar Assad and preservation of Syria in the Resistance axis.

After getting power by terrorist opposition groups, because of regional and international supports from these groups and sending terrorists from the outside into the Syria, the military balance was changed in the battlefield in benefit of opposition groups, because of the West and Arabic sphere’s supports of them. Until 2015, more than 70 percent of Syrian territory, was captured by the opposition groups of the  government. After that, the Islamic Republic of Iran in an initiative action, with management of Gen. Soleimani, entered in a military-security agreement with Russians, and based on that agreement, both of these countries formed a military coalition with division of specific tasks, for confronting with opposite and terrorist groups in Syria.

This coalition was successful to make impressive changes in the field of Syrian military-security equations in first months, and change the field equations in benefit of government, over the time. And provided the base for continuing of this coalition in nonmilitary parts, by great victories like liberalization of Aleppo and following it, formation of the process of Astaneh and absorbing of Turkey toward this coalition. The Gen. Soleimani’s role in convince of Russians for direct military entering to Syrian crisis, is so important.Because before that, the Russians were not willing to military entering in Syria case, directly. And following Gen. Soleimani’s negotiations with Putin, bilateral agreement between two countries was done for doing common military mission, based on task division pattern. So that, after that agreement, the Russians in air part and Iran with Syrian army and Resistance groups in ground part, played role.

Another masterpiece of Gen. Soleimani in management of Syria case, that it can be named as an attach after forming strategic coalition between Iran and Russia, and by it, was provided a base for maximum contrast with terrorist groups and restraining of them in battlefield, is his power in networking local forces, that by this action, Resistance groups could provide the base for confrontation with terrorist groups and restoring the sovereignty of Damascus on a great part of its lost territory, so that, now and after eight years of the Syrian crisis, Bashar Assad the president of this country is still in the power. This issue in first view, represents the failing of enemy in running its strategies and winning of IRI or in other word, Resistance axis in realization of their strategies in Syria. That this issue, is completely indebted to Intelligently tact of the commander of IRGC Quds forces, martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani.

Another eminent achievements of Gen. Soleimani in the Syria case, are liberation of Bukmal city in Deir Ezzor province from ISIS and in next step, reopening of Bukmal-Qaem border passageway. Reopening of this passageway, was an important step in returning the situation to the before of beginning of crisis in Syria and normalizing the daily traffic between Iraq and Syria and Iran, too. Reopening of this passageway has special benefits for Syrian government, specially due to that Syrian government is exposed to intense economic sanctions by US, and this passageway can provide the base for exporting the Syrian agricultural products and food to Iraq and revival of economic and commercial relationships between two countries, beside breaking the economic blockade.

In fact reopening of this passageway in current situation, is meaning to provide an economic respiration for the Syrian government and forming an important economic resource for this country, the extent that is expected that transition of goods and services between two countries be reached up to 30%. Based on available statistics, the rate of commercial exchange between Iraq and Syria in 2011, and before beginning of crisis in this country, was more than 2 billion dollars. Syria’s export to Iraq is about 46 percent of the whole export of this country to the Arabic sphere in 2012. In the current situation, it’s be expected that rate of economic exchanges between two countries be increased and the Syrian Lira value be enhanced, because of this passageway’s potentials in facilitation of commercial exchanges between two countries, specially in the part of exports and imports.

The reopening of this passageway, not only will lead to increasing commercial exchange between Iraq and Syria, but also will provide the base for improving the economic relations between Iran and Syria. So that, as the chief of common economic committee of Iran and Syria says, reopening of Bukmal passageway, decreases the cost of transition for every container, to about 1500 to 2000 dollars equals 50 percent. While before this, Iranian goods were sent to Syria from Abbas port or Turkish Mersin port, by ship. That the cost of this transition was 4500 to 5000 dollars for every container. Moreover, sending goods from Iran to Syria, would take 20 to 40 days long, but in current situation this time will be half.

In addition, reopening of this passageway, will provide the base for growth of tourism industry and increasing pilgrimage and also remedial trips of Iraqi citizens to Syria. Specially, due to that Syria in offering medical services, is in better level compared to Iraq. Also, reopening of this passageway will play a vital role in supplying of fuel and oil products for Syria, specially due to that a great amount of oil resources of Syrian government are out of government’s control, and US use this issue as a pressure lever against government. Therefore, reopening of this passageway will play a special role in dispel of oil products shortage in Syria and decreasing the fuel cost in this country.

Gen.Soleimani’s role in reopening of this passageway and normalizing the situation in it, isn’t secret for anyone. So that, after liberation of Bukmal city, in an intelligently innovation, he considered one of the Resistance groups major strategies in reopening of this passageway and normalizing daily traffic between Iraq and Syria.Thus, this issue was done.

The achievements and masterpieces of Gen.Soleimani in Syria case, are so vast that most part of it, can’t be said in this note. But some of the most important actions that can name them as a part of his heritage in Syria, are:

1. Objectivization of the strategy of preservation and survival of Syrian government, and Bashar Assad
2. The formation of strategic coalition and partnership, between Iran and Russia in military-security field
3. Networking of local and native forces (Zeinabiyoun, Fatemiyoun, Heidaryioun, National  Defense Forces)
4. Curbing the terrorism in the region
5. Intensifying the security and geopolitical bottleneck for Israel regime
6. Reopening of the strategic passageway of Bukmal-Qaem

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