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‘Hajj the symbol of unity among Muslims ‘

n00142358-bOne of the Friday Prayer Leaders of Jargalan, Akhound Samadi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) pointed up the importance of Hajj naming it as the symbol of Unity and rapprochement among Muslims.

The religious cleric urged Muslims to give their special attention to the telling role of Hajj ceremony and use the provided opportunity as well to get to know each other better.

The Sunni scholar underscored, “Hajj is the main and most important symbol for unity and solidarity among Muslims in the Islamic World.”

“It the biggest and most august congregation in the Islamic World which can enrich and unity and solidarity among all Muslims from different denominations,” mentioned the Friday Prayer Leader of Jargalan.

The Sunni cleric urged Muslims from different Islamic denominations to respect different takes and thoughts, eschewing from measured leading up to dispersion among Muslim nations.

Some Muslims instead of standing against the plots hatched by the enemies of Islam, cross sward against each other, paving the ground for the enemies especially the regime of Zionism to fulfill their malignant aims in the region.

The religious cleric, in this regard, urged all the Shia and Sunni brothers to keep their solidarity and unity in any condition, providing the fertile removing the standing misunderstandings and progress as a result.

Directing Muslim countries into a plagued situation is, in effect, a betrayal which is done in the favor of enemies, so “solving the standing problems among Muslims from different denominations in the country should be followed through sitting at talks and constructive negotiations among Muslims,” pointed up The Friday Prayer Leader of Jargalan.

To the religious clerics, Iranian nation no matter Shia or Sunni are after solidarity, brotherhood and unity; so, anyone who try to obstruct them, standing against such wave of unity is spelled to doom and is regarded as the enemy of this nation.

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