Hamas: Balfour Declaration is void and null


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said Balfour Declaration is unjust, void and refused and charged Britain of responsibility for its consequences and ongoing sufferings until the moment.

In a statement on the 98th anniversary of Balfour Declaration, Hamas on Monday said the Palestinian people adheres to its constant rights and refuses bargaining in this regard.

Hamas confirmed its commitment to resistance by all means including armed resistance as a strategic option in order to get rid of the Israeli occupation and to achieve the liberation of Palestine and its holy places.

The resistance movement also urged Palestinians to escalate Jerusalem Intifada and called for national unity in order to be able to confront Israeli aggressive practices against the Aqsa Mosque.

Hamas called on the international community to intervene to protect the Palestinian refugees wherever they are and to offer them a secure and honorable life in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and not to get them involved in civil wars.

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