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Hamas Calls on Resistance Groups to Prepare Missiles against Zionist Regime

The Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, in a statement called on other resistance groups in the Gaza Strip to prepare for war with Israel, amid renewed tensions in Jerusalem Al-Quds and Southern occupied territories.

In a statement released on Sunday, Hamas said that the various resistance groups in Gaza should “close ranks … and continue to gather in the Old City of Jerusalem and preserve the prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

It underlined the need for the resistance groups to “stay with their fingers on the trigger by preparing missiles and targetting them on enemy bastions and vital military installations”.

The statement went on to call on the Islamic groups to “reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque and hold prayers in front of the military checkpoints that are preventing entry to Jerusalem. You should hold a presence all over Palestine during the night and make sure the settlers don’t infiltrate. We should confuse the Zionists”.

The statement came in the wake of clashes that have taken place over the past several days in Jerusalem between the Jewish and Arab protesters and amid renewed attacks by Israel against the Palestinians and rocket fire on Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Tens of rockets were fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip in recent days.

The barrages were the worst assault from the Strip in many months and the rockets did cause damage in a number of communities.

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