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Hamas Calls to Give Full Rein to Resistance in West Bank to Counter Zionist Demolitions

Hamas resistance movement called for giving full rein to resistance against Israeli enemy in response to demolitions carried out by occupation authorities in Wadi Hummus village near occupied Al-Quds.

In televised remarks late Friday, Khalili Al-Hayya, Member of Hamas Political Bureau, called on the Palestinian authority, which is run by rival Fatah movement, to stop chasing resistance fighters and operatives and free the political prisoners in its jails in the West Bank.

“The occupation government insists to defy all international organizations with its criminal policy” which is aimed against the Palestinian people, Al-Hayya said, as quoted by Palestinian media.

Voicing concerns over Israeli repressive measures in the West Bank, the Hamas official called for a national and united stance that counters such measures.

Al-Hayya in this context welcomes decision by Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas to cancel all deals with the Zionist entity.

“We hope that the announced decision by President Abbas will be real and applicable through halting the security coordination (with the Israeli authorities), withdrawal from Oslo Accords, giving full rein to resistance in the West Bank and lifting sanctions on Gaza.”

Al-Hayya also urged Abbas to take real steps towards uniting the partnership between Palestinian factions, through setting a national strategy and a call for an urgent meeting to revive the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

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