Hamas expresses solidarity with Lebanon and Syria after Israeli attacks

The Hamas Movement issued a statement commenting on the recent Israeli attacks on Syria and Lebanon over the last ten days.

In its statement, the movement stressed “its full support for the right of Lebanon and Syria and the resistance to confront these attacks and respond to them, as resistance is a legitimate right until the end of the occupation and the liberation of Palestine and all the occupied Arab territories.”

Hamas’ statement comes a day after the Israeli army announced that it “thwarted a sabotage operation in the Jabal Roos border area with Lebanon, after a number of Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas infiltrated into Israeli areas,” noting that there were no casualties among its forces.

However, this was later denied by Hezbollah, who said that they did not launch any attack on Monday.

“All that the enemy media claims about thwarting an infiltration operation from Lebanese territory into occupied Palestine, as well as talking about the fall of martyrs and wounded to the resistance in the bombing operations that took place in the vicinity of the occupation sites in Sheba’a Farms is not true at all; it is an attempt to invent fake victories,” the Hezbollah statement said.

The first Israeli attack was carried out on July 20th, in the southern countryside of Damascus.

This attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) resulted in the death of the Hezbollah member, Ali Kamel Mohsen, later leading to a sequence of events, including the IDF’s buildup along the Lebanese border.

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