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Hamas: French Cartoons Provocative to Islam, Beliefs

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas slammed France for publishing cartoons that insult Islamic sanctities.

“(French President Emmanuel) Macron’s encouragement to publish insulting cartoons of the Prophet (Muhammad), peace be upon him, is an attempt to revive the Crusades where France was the source of its debut,” Sami Abu Zuhri, senior spokesman for Hamas said recently, the Middle East Monitor reported.

Abu Zuhri said publishing the cartoons was “provocative to the feelings of the (Muslim) Nation and an aggression on its religion and beliefs.”

Publishing the insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), along with Macron’s remarks against Islam and the Muslim community, sparked widespread condemnation in the world on the official and other levels with official statements decrying his remarks.

Activists launched boycott campaigns against French products in several Arab countries.

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