Hamas holds Britain responsible for the suffering of Palestinian refugees

The refugees department in Hamas movement held Britain politically and morally responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The department in a statement on Thursday on the occasion on the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, said that Britain, with this notorious pledge to secure a homeland for Jews in Palestine, bears responsibility for all calamities, massacres, and forced displacement of the Palestinian people.

It called for rightful compensation for the Palestinians for their lost property, for their forced eviction, and for the massacres committed against them, and called their return to their homeland.

The department said that the Balfour Declaration was the direct cause of the creation of Israel. Hence, whatever was built on this unacceptable Declaration is null and void, it added.

The department said that the Palestinian people are fully entitled to regain their usurped rights using all means including resistance since the usurpation of their land and rights was made using military force.

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