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Hamas, Islamic Jihad Call for Forming National Unity Government

Palestinian resistance movements, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, called on Tuesday for forming a national unity government, stressing on importance of strengthening the relation between the two groups in a bid to confront challenges facing Palestinian people.

In a statement released following a lengthy meeting between the two group’s leadership in Cairo, Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised Palestinian people for their steadfastness in face of Israeli occupation.

The two movements stressed importance of strengthening their relation on several levels in a bid to defend our people, resistance and our firm principles.”

“The attendees of the meeting saluted the Palestinian people for sticking to resistance in all means, on top of which is the militant struggle in order to confront the occupiers,” the statement said, according to Palestine Today Network.

The two sides stressed importance of ending divisions among Palestinian factions, based on national partnership in a bid to thwart the so-called deal of century, Palestine Today reported.

In this context, Hamas and Islamic Jihad called for forming a national unity government tasked with holding general parliamentary elections in order to secure Palestinian unity.

The two sides agreed to exert all possible efforts in order to provide the Palestinian people with all what it could help them in their resistance against the Israeli enemy.

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