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Hamas: Palestinian Resistance has dragged the Zionists’ nose through the dirt

Hamas senior member Ismaiel Rizwan said that the Resistance groups’ message to Zionists is "rocket for rocket and blood for blood" and they are ready to respond to the Zionist attacks and crimes.

Despite the persistence of Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Resistance has already struck terrible blows to the Zionists.

According to reports, almost 500 rockets have been fired by Palestinian Resistance groups to Zionist’s positions in various parts of the occupied lands since yesterday.

To know more about the recent developments and conflicts between the Palestinian Resistance groups and the Zionist regime, we reached out to Dr. Ismaiel Rizwan, a senior member of Hamas.

Following is the full text of our interview with him:

What is the reason behind the recent Zionist attacks on Gaza Strip and your message to Zionist regime’s authorities?

Zionist regime is responsible for the consequences of all the crimes against the citizens, children and women, and their crimes will be responded. Resistance is our response and reaction to the recent crimes of Zionist regime against the Palestinians.

How do you evaluate the reaction and readiness of the Palestinian Resistance groups against Zionist attacks?

Resistance groups reacted to the Zionist attacks and crimes. The obvious message of Resistance group to Zionist invaders is rocket for rocket, blood for blood, killing for killing and destruction for destruction. We declare to Zionist that we are ready to respond and react to their attacks and crimes.

How do you analyze US support to Zionists in recent attacks?

Addressing the US government that supports Zionist attacks, we emphasize that it is responsible for the crimes of Zionists against the Palestinian people.

What is the reaction of the Palestinian Resistance groups to the US “Deal of the Century” project?

We declare to Zionist that their only way is to stop aggression, attacks and removal of complete blockade without any restrictions and preconditions from the Gaza Strip. All projects will be failed including “Deal of the Century”, or annexing West Bank settlements to the Zionist occupied territories.

What is your message to supporters of Resistance groups in current situation?

We will continue the resistance to liberate Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and salute all the supporters of the Palestinian Resistance groups, especially Iran, which has always been our supporter.

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