Hamas Propaganda Succeeded in Convincing Israeli Right Wing It Had Won: Zionist media


Hamas succeeded in convincing the Israeli Right it had won the last round of fighting in Gaza, an editorial by Israeli journalist has found.

In an op-ed published by Yenet entitled “Israel needs a clear security policy, not confrontation,” journalist Ben-Dror Yemini said that the Zionist entity lacks a change in policy.manar-03743810015039855437

“The Hamas propaganda has succeeded. Some fiery speeches, some sweets being handed out in the streets and the right-wing is convinced Hamas won. This was the message in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday and at Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s press conference on Monday. Both of them, it is important to note, spoke about the beginning of a new chapter. For a minute there, one could have thought the feeble government had been dissolved and a new one has been formed in its stead.”

Yemini slammed Netenyahu and Bennett over remarks on change in the time that they are the decision makers in the Zionist entity.

“They said everything is going to change. Excuse me?! The prime minister and the education minister are both members of the Security Cabinet. They are the decision-makers. They were those who decided that restraint is preferable to another confrontation, which will contribute nothing. Netanyahu went as far as praising the restraint policy.”

bannett“So what changed? Nothing. But former defense minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned, and Bennett made his threats. And all of a sudden, everything is different? Does Netanyahu suddenly know new things that a week ago he did not? Is there suddenly such a gap between his speeches? These are not rhetorical questions. These questions arouse fear in all of us.”

The Israeli journalist went further in criticizing Netatnyahu for not finding a solution for Israelis who live in settlements bordering Gaza, who have been “suffering for months.”

“The Israelis living in communities along the Gaza border have been suffering for months. Netanyahu did not succeed in finding a solution. His failure is neither due to a soft or a hard approach, nor because of the Military Advocate General, as Bennett claimed on Monday, sparking even Lieberman’s ire. Netanyahu failed in finding a solution since Israel has no policy. Israel is only retaliating, not initiating. And no, this is not a disagreement between the Left and the Right.”

Yemini then raised several questions on Bannett.

“Since Netanyahu and Bennett are stirring the ship, it is unclear who they are placing the blame on. It is nice of Bennett not to resign. However, what new and surprising security policy is he talking about? Does the education minister intend to fire the chief military advocate general? The chief of staff? Does he intend to drag Netanyahu and Israel to a fire-and-brimstone adventure, which will end exactly like the two last operations in Gaza?”

The Israeli journalist said change means policy, noting that policy is exactly what is missing.

“Until now it was clear, despite the slandering, that the prime minister has been avoiding military confrontations because of political interests. Has something changed? Let’s pray not. But one shout admits that if, god forbid, a confrontation was to erupt, Netanyahu and Bennett succeeded in creating question surrounding Israel’s chances of winning,” Yemini concluded his op-ed.

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