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Hamas Rejects International Troops in Future Palestine State


Hamas movement has ruled out the idea of international troops being stationed in a future Palestinian state under a ‘peace deal’ with the Zionist entityHamas.

“From time to time we hear people making offers during the negotiations, primarily about the idea of an international force following the retreat of the (Israeli) occupier,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement published on Saturday.

“We in Hamas, we will not allow the presence of an international force (in a future Palestinian state) which would be just like the Israeli occupation.”

“We demand (US Secretary of State John) Kerry and others revise their positions because we won’t let anyone undermine our rights,” Abu Zuhri said. “This so-called Kerry plan was put together by the Americans and the Zionist entity to eradicate the Palestinian cause. We will not let such an agreement give away our people’s rights,” he said, calling for “a united front of factions to reject the talks and their outcome.”

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