Hamas slams PLO for attacking Palestinian government

images_News_2013_04_23_pal-govt_300_0The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the Fatah-controlled Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) for launching an inappropriate verbal attack on the legitimate Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip.

In a press release on Monday, Hamas expressed its rejection of the improper seditious language used by the PLO executive committee in its statement and emphasized that the Palestinian government in Gaza came to power through the ballot box and not through a foreign will.

Hamas also criticized Fatah faction for its persistence in claiming that it represents the Palestinian people and using the PLO executive committee to support its claims.

Hamas highlighted that the Palestinian government in Gaza is elected by its own people and it is not the government of Hamas as the PLO labeled in its statement, adding that this government has a vested right to make decisions in the best interest of its people.

It also stressed that the Palestinian legislative council is a legitimate body and its meetings are legal regardless of the closure of its headquarters by the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority in Ramallah city and Israel’s detention of many lawmakers as part of its cooperation with the PA.

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