Hamas Slams US Envoy for Condoning Israeli Settlements

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has condemned US envoy for his remarks condoning Israel’s expansionist policy on illegal settlements, saying they reflect Washington’s extremist view on the issue.

Member of Hamas’ International Relations Office Basem Naim said Saturday that remarks earlier in the day by David Friedman, who serves as the US ambassador to the occupied Palestinian territories, represented “the destructive thinking of the extreme American leadership.”

“The statements of the American ambassador are completely consistent with the view of the most extreme Israeli right-wing and a disregard of the US government for all Arab positions,” said Naim, whose Hamas government sits in the besieged Gaza Strip but is allied to the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.

The statement came after Friedman said Israel has a right to claim parts of the occupied West Bank as it seeks to annex the territory despite all international bans on the move.

Source: Press TV

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