Hamas urges world community to pressure Israel to stop settlement activity

images_News_2013_06_13_hamas-sett_300_0Hamas movement called on the world community pressure the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) into stopping its Judaization of and settlement drive in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Hamas strongly condemned the IOA endorsement of the construction of hundreds of new housing units in the West Bank and the continuation of excavations and diggings in the vicinity of the Aqsa mosque.

The statement on Thursday also called on the Palestinian Authority to halt all forms of security coordination and “absurd negotiations” with the IOA in response to such activity.

Hamas asked the PA to adopt daring decisions against the settlement drive and not to be lured by an alleged “economic peace” plan.

Hamas said that the IOA ferocious settlement and Judaization activity would never succeed in changing history or impose new de facto conditions.

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