Projected “religious intifada” lying in store


Senior Hamas leader, Dr. Ahmed Yousef, said in an exclusive interview with the PIC that a projected “third intifada” (uprising), religious at heart, is expected to burst out in the face of the Israeli occupation.

“There is no doubt that such an unprecedented upsurge in the rate of anti-Israeli occupation demos and protests against settler vandalism are all forerunners of a coming third intifada,” he said.

“Had not the demos that swept all cities of the West Bank been disbanded by the Palestinian government, a third intifada would have perhaps seen the day,” he confirmed.

He attributed the projected uprising to Israel’s mounting sacrilegious assaults on Muslims’ holy al-Aqsa Mosque and intimidation of the peaceful Muslim congregation in an attempt to perpetrate its Judaization plots and enforce a spatio-temporal division on the Mosque as it had already done at al-Khalil’s Ibrahimi Mosque.

According to Yousef, a religious intifada is inescapably coming out soon due to the striking outburst of Israeli terrorism.

The Hamas leader raised alarm bells over Israel’s exploitation of the “Islamophobia scarecrow” sounded across the U.S. and a few countries of the West to sharpen the world’s abhorrence of adherents of the Islamic faith, thus leaving larger room for the perpetration of its Judaization conspiracies and the misappropriation of holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

Yousef dubbed current regional and international moves to soothe tension across Occupied Jerusalem unproductive initiatives that exacerbate even further Israel’s despotism and tyranny against the Palestinian and Muslim masses.

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