Hassan Rohani: West’s unilateral sanctions unjust, unjustifiable


Director of the Iranian Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Studies Hassan Rohani said on Sunday that the unilateral sanctions imposed by the West against Iran are unjust, and unjustifiable.
According to IRNA, Rohani made the remarks in a meeting with Norwegian Ambassador in Tehran, Jens-Petter Kjemprud.
He said that West’s unilateral sanctions have left grave impacts on people’s life in the fields of medical treatment and medicines.
“The European states that are under pressure of the US and Zionists are dependent in terms of making decision on current developments in Iran and the entire region,” he said, adding that the Europeans have a wrong understanding of Iran’s domestic issues and developments.
Director of the Iranian Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Studies underlined that wrong concept and lack of understanding of Islam, Islamic Revolution, and independency of the Iranian nation are the root cause of incorrect stands adopted by the western countries on Iran.
Rohani said that these wrong understandings and concepts will be harmful to both sides.
On Syria crisis, he said talks between the two sides will be the only option which can help restore stability and security to the war-torn country.
The Norwegian ambassador, for his part, referred to the international pressures exerted against Iran and called for expansion of political and technological cooperation between Iran and Norway.

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