Head of Israeli Army: Hezbollah Seventh Military Power in the World

Gantz (1)The head of Zionist armed forces Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said that Hezbollah has become the seventh military power in the world, adding that only the US, Russia, France, Britain, China and ‘Israel’ posses more fire power than the party.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Gantz pointed out that ‘Israel’ has to be worried about the military experiences which Hezbollah gained from its intervention in Syria, stressing that the Israeli army has to be alert at the northern borders because Hezbollah fighters still deploy in the area.

The Israeli military chief added that Hezbollah has fought in Syria at several fronts simultaneously, what threatens ‘Israel’ if the party accumulates and uses all these military capabilities to fight the Zionist army.

Gantz considered that the developments in Syria do not serve the Zionist interests as long as President Assad rules that country.

On Iran, Gantz claimed that using the military power to halt Tehran’s nuclear program is “a must”.

Source: Al Manar TV

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