Hersh uncovers ‘false-flag’ Syria chemical attack

339597_Syria-attackThe revelations by award-winning investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, about this year’s chemical attack in Syria have uncovered the false-flag nature of the deadly operation, a political analyst says.

In an article for Press TV website on Wednesday, Kevin Barrett said, “Hersh forced the mainstream media to talk about false-flags.”

In his article “Whose Sarin?,” Hersh confirmed that the August chemical weapons attack in Syria was almost certainly perpetrated by Saudi-supported militants, not the Syrian government, as was claimed by the so-called Syria opposition groups and their Western backers.

“In August, no mainstream publication even raised this as a possibility. They all mindlessly echoed Israeli and US government sources assuring the world that [President Bashar] Assad must have been responsible for the al-Ghouta atrocity. Yet they offered no convincing evidence of Assad’s responsibility,” wrote Barrett.

He added that foreign-backed militants in Syria were “falsely blaming Assad” for the chemical attack in the hope of convincing “the US to bomb Syria.”

“That was the only conceivable purpose of such an attack. [US President Barack] Obama had drawn a ‘red line’ around the chemical weapons issue,” Barrett wrote.

On August 21, hundreds of people were killed and scores of others were injured in a chemical attack in eastern Ghouta on the suburbs of Damascus.

Following the chemical attack, US stepped up its war rhetoric against the Syrian government.

The Syrian government averted a US act of aggression by accepting a Russian plan to put its chemical arsenal under international control and then have them destroyed.

“Hersh’s article cites all kinds of documentary evidence proving that US intelligence sources knew that the Syrian rebels, not Assad’s government, were behind the al-Ghouta gas attack,” Barrett wrote.

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