Hezbollah Bids Farewell to Nabi Sheet Martyrs

Hezbollah held funeral on Thursday for the three martyrs who had been died in the explosion which took place in the town of Nabi Sheet.

The martyrs were moved from Dar al-Hikmah hospital in Baalbak to their towns.
Martyr Jaafar Ali al-Mousawi was paid last honors in his town of Nabi Sheet, while the other two martyrs, Ali Mustafa Alaa Deen and Ali Hussein al-Khishen, were paid last honors in the town of Sohmor in West Bekaa.

The Head of Hezbollah Juristic Council, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek, took part in the funeral along with the Head of the Political Bureau Sayyed Ibrahim Amin as-Sayyed.

Sheikh Yazbek stressed that Hezbollah will go ahead with the path of resistance since it preserves sovereignty.

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