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Hezbollah Chief Calls for End to Saudi Aggression on Yemen

Secretary-General of Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said the international community must stop turning a blind eye on Saudi crimes in Yemen and put pressure on the regime to end its aggression against the impoverished Arab country.

All countries should press Saudi Arabia to stop the war against Yemen due to humanitarian reasons, Nasrallah said in a televised speech on Saturday evening.

Saudi Arabia launched its war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of bringing back to power the government of former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and crushing the popular Houthi Ansarullah movement.

The US-based Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), a nonprofit conflict-research organization, estimates that the Saudi war has claimed more than 100,000 lives since the war broke out.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasrallah referred to the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “Preventive measures can be taken to guarantee a safe return to the expatriates to Lebanon.”

“Whatever the threats are, the Lebanese authorities must respond to the pleas of the expatriates”, he said, adding “All the Lebanese locked in corona-hit countries have the right to return to their country.”

He asked all people to respect curfew and all measures taken by the government to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

Nasrallah also urged all politicians and parties to set aside political disputes and cooperate to fight the problem.

The Hezbollah chief said the fight against coronavirus is a long term war and what is being done is the beginning of the war and asked for a national mobilization in Lebanon to tackle the problem.

The experiences of all countries’ should be utilized in the fight, he added.

He said that the war against coronavirus is, in fact, a world war, adding that countries such as the US and UK are following the issue with inability and confusion.

“What we are facing now is more important than the first and second world wars,” he warned, adding, “We don’t know whether the EU and the US will collapse or not.”

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