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Hezbollah chief hails Palestinian resistance in Gaza against Israel


Speaking on the eighth anniversary of the end of Israel’s war on Lebanon in 2006, Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a televised speech in which he talked about region’s develppments, including the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.
Sayed Nasrallah discussed the current situation in Gaza as part of a new path for the region which included the Israeli desire to control the region’s oil fields. Nasrallah also highlighted the I-S-I-L threat to the region, saying the foundation of Takfirism is meant to disintegrate regional countries and lead them to demise. Sayed Nasrallah also added that ISIL does not have a future in the Middle East and such takfiri ideology must be destroyed. It has been 8 years since Lebanon’s victory against Israel and the resistance in Lebanon has gone from strength to strength. Hezbollah has said that the resistance movement has now certain capabilities that allow it to target areas in the Israeli settlements for the very first time. Such comments have put Tel Aviv in fear and cautiousness, preventing Israel from attempting to launch another war against Lebanon.

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