Hezbollah Condemns Idleb Massacre: Israel Supports Terrorism, Won’t Defend Druze


Hezbollah firmly denounced the savage crime committed by the Syrian offshoot of Qaeda terrorist group, Nusra Front, which killed dozens of our Druze brothers in Idleb countryside in Syria.

In a statement on Thursday, Hezbollah wondered whether it was expected that these deviant terrorist groups, that are associated with the enemies of the Ummah, follow a path other than their track which stems from their doctrine that, in turn, relies on murdering, blood shedding, assaulting honors, striking diversity, causing fragmentation, terrorizing the innocent people and emptying the areas of their residents who have lived in them for hundreds of years.

Offering condolences to the families of the oppressed martyrs, Hezbollah asserted that during this hard time, patience and unity are highly required in face of the schemes of fragmentation and planting the seeds of division among the citizens of the same country.

On the other hand, the party warned of the Israeli deceptive and hypocritical conduct which is represented by showing concern for the precious sect of the Druze and calls on protecting it, stressing that the Zionist entity is the key ally of the terrorists and provides them with weapons in southern Syria as the clear-cut evidence and the field data confirm the strength of the alliance between ‘Israel’ and the takfiri groups.

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