Hezbollah condemns the “Judaism” project of Quds

Hezbollah considered such a project as being another huge step towards the complete “Judaism” of the sacred City, and a violation of the rights of other religions; as well as the rights of the Palestinian people to said City.

The statement indicated that such a racist law denotes an attack against, and an act of intimidation towards more than 3 million Muslims and Christians across the world. It added that this proves, once again, the zionists’ belittling of Muslims and Christians’ faith and their ongoing aspirations towards Jerusalem as being a meeting place of all heavenly religions, interacting together within a framework of kindness, forgiveness and respect.

Accordingly, Hezbollah placed this new zionist crime in the hands of international organizations which claim to defend international security and peace, and which seem so silent towards such an event that poses a threat to the world’s security, at large, not only the region’s, the statement noted!

Hezbollah also questioned, in its statement, the nature of the Arab League’s stand vis-a-vis such an “israeli” crime and the extent of its readiness to resort to the United Nation’s Council, in a bid to secure a decisive stand that prevents this new zionist aggression?

The influential Islamic Movement concluded its condemning statement by imploring all world governments and leaders to rise up to their responsibilities in halting such a Zionist aggressive project, so that they do not become collaborating partners in such a crime.

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