Hezbollah Condemns UN Report on 1701: Full of Fallacies

Commenting on the report issued by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on UNSCR resolution 1701, Hezbollah issued a statement pointing out the fallacies the report included and condemning Ban’s stances.

“The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon reassures over and over again his complete bias to the West that put him in this international position, instead of being biased to the desire for establishing peace and security, for which the international organization was formed. In his comments on the situation in Lebanon, Ban reiterates Western stances, claims emanating from the utter hatred towards the resistance, and neglect to the sentiments of the Lebanese people,” the statement read.

“The 17th report issued by Ban Ki-Moon on resolution 1701 is full of fallacies, and reveals great disturbance and tension vis-à-vis the Lebanese’s choice to empower their position in the face of the Zionist occupation and its continuous violations. It is a report that contradicts with the simplest tangible facts regarding stability in the southern Lebanese regions; this true fact that many international officials have addressed, on top of which is Former UNIFIL Commander Alberto Asarta who repeatedly said that “if you want peace, go to the South, for it has security and stability more than any other place in Lebanon and the region.””

The statement concluded that “Hezbollah condemns the new stances of the international organization’s secretary general. The party considers the submission of the UN organization to Western powers, the United States being at the top of them, poses a great danger that threatens international security and peace, and inspires these hegemonic powers to go further with violating the rights of the peoples and the nations that will not yield to the Western will across the world, especially in our region that has been suffering from the hegemonic powers’ bias to the Zionist enemy, at the expense of righteousness, justice, sovereignty, and independence.”

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