Hezbollah Condemns Zionist Violations to Muslim, Christian Sanctities

Hezbollah condemned Thursday the Zionist settlers’ crimes against Al-Aqsa mosque and the Christian sanctities in occupied Palestine.

In a statement it issued, Hezbollah Media Relations said that “the Zionist settlers commit on daily bases crimes against Muslim and Christian sanctities in occupied Al-Quds, and the latest crime was desecrating Al-Aqsa mosque yards and provoking prayers under the protection of the occupation police.”

“These practices were associated with other settlers’ violation of Mar Francis Church near old Al-Quds by writing phrases offensive to Christianity on its doors and walls,” Hezbollah added, considering that “these constant crimes reflect the manners of the settlers that are supported by the enemy’s government and its security authorities that insult other religions and violate their sanctities.”

Concluding its statement, Hezbollah condemned “the constant Zionist violations,” and called on “the Arab and Muslim peoples to stand in solidarity with the Islamic and Christian sanctities.”

It further demanded the “international organizations to fulfill their duties towards Palestine, its people, and all the Islamic and Christian symbols in it.”

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