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Hezbollah Denounces Saudi Paper’s Abuse against Sayyed Sisitani, Highlights His Role in Defeating ISIL in Iraq

Hezbollah condemned, in a statement issued Saturday, the serious abuse published by the Saudi newspaper, Asharq al-Awsa, against Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani and the great value of his religious authority represented in the Muslims’ conscience and creeds.

Sayyed Sistani has always preserved Iraq’s safety, political stability and national unity, according to the statement which recalled the role of his eminence’s famous fatwa (religious decree) in fighting and defeating ISIL terrorist group on the Iraqi territories.

Hezbollah regretted that the newspaper had descended to this disgraceful level of insulting one of the most important religious authorities in the Arab and Islamic nation, affirming that no one can undermine the greatness of this honorable position and its major historical role.

“What the newspaper and its sponsors have committed directly serves the Umma’s enemies led by the USA and the Zionist enemy.”

Hezbollah also stressed the insult serves all those who seek stirring up sedition as well as religious and political divisions and create chaos and social unrest.

Hezbollah finally called on “the dear Iraqi people to have more unity of speech, awareness, cohesion and work to achieve its goals of freedom and real independence”.

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