Hezbollah Drone Flight to Cause Changes in Israel’s Military Scheme

Penetration of Hezbollah’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into the Israeli airspace will force Israel to make fundamental revisions in its military plans, a prominent Russian military analyst said Sunday.

Hezbollah’s access to such a kind of drone will force Israeli commanders to carry out fundamental changes in their war plans, Head of the National Defense and Security Magazine of Russia Igor Djorovic Korochinko told Al Manar network.

The analyst said that the drone flight over Israel proved difficulty in detecting and targeting such planes, adding that such aerial vehicles can act as “an effective intelligence device”.

Israel sacked Commander of its Air Force’s Air Defense Layout Brigadier General Doron Gavish after it was humiliated by the Hezbollah drone operation.

The replacement took place after Lebanese Hezbollah Leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the pilotless drone which penetrated deep into the Israeli airspace and stopped only a few miles before the Israeli nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert belonged to Hezbollah.

The operation codenamed Hussein Ayub saw Hezbollah’s drone fly hundreds of kilometers into the Israeli airspace and getting very close to Dimona nuclear plant without being detected by advanced Israeli and US radars, Nasrallah said earlier this month.

“This is only part of our capabilities,” he stressed, adding that Israelis have admitted to their security failure despite being provided with the latest technologies by Western powers.

Nasrallah further stated that Hezbollah’s drones are made in Iran but assembled by the resistance movement.

Hezbollah plans to send more drones over Israel in the future, he said, adding that the operation shows the resistance movement is ready to defend Lebanon.

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