Hezbollah: Egypt’s Elections Step to Achieve Revolution Goals

Hezbollah on Monday congratulated the Egyptian people for the “historical electoral accomplishment achieved through their effective presence in different squares.”

“We congratulate the Great Egyptian people for their protection of this accomplishment against any kind of blackmailing or counterfeiting,” Hezbollah said in a statement.
“This achievement comes as a crucial step towards achieving the noble goals of this blessed revolution.”

The statement also congratulated the first elected Egyptian President after 25th January revolution Dr. Mohamed Morsi for “the valuable people’s trust” in him.

“Hezbollah prays for Allah to help him (Morsi) to bear this great responsibility in this critical stage of Egypt’s history and the region, and to enable him to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people and return Egypt back to its advanced Arab and Islamic position in defending the causes of the nation and shaping the future and the fate of the region.

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