Hezbollah, Future Discuss National Counter-Terrorism Strategy


Hezbollah and the Future movement discussed on Wednesday ways to counter terrorism during the sixth round of Dialogue between the two Lebanese parties.

They continued dialogue in “a serious spirit on the issues under discussion.

They positively assessed the security plan in the Bekaa and the steps taken to remove [political] flags and pictures in various areas and serious commitment to it,” said a statement issued by the two parties following the session.Hezbollah and Future movement flags

The participants called on “political parties and leaders to help in halting the phenomenon of shooting in the air on occasions whatever the reason is.”

The statement added that Hezbollah and the Future movement addressed mutual calls for reaching a national strategy to fight terrorism. “Discussion was opened on its mechanism,” the statement.

The sixth round of dialogue took place at the speaker Nabih Berri’s Beirut residence.

The meeting was attended by Hussein Khalil – the political assistant of Hezbollah Secretary General, Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan and MP Hasan Fadlallah. The three were representing Hezbollah.

Nouhad Machnouk – the interior minister, Nader Hariri – the director of former PM Saad Hariri bureau, and MP Samir al-Jisr were representing the Future movement in the session.

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