Hezbollah: Hadera operation most eloquent response to Israel’s meeting with Arab ministers

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has stressed that the anti-Israeli operation that took place in Hadera was the most eloquent practical response to the Israeli regime’s meeting with Arab ministers.

In a statement on Monday, Hezbollah hailed the operation, saying it confirms the Palestinian people’s strong determination to confront the Israeli occupation with “all available capabilities and tools.”

The operation was “the most important and eloquent practical response” to the “heinous and treacherous” meetings between some Arab regimes and Israelis.

Top diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt, the United States, and Israel met in the Negev desert on Sunday to press ahead with a US-brokered normalization of relations between the Arab states and the Israeli regime.

Egypt was the first Arab country to have diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv, while the UAE and Bahrain reached normalization agreements with Israel in 2020 through the mediation of former US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Morocco and Sudan later reached similar US-brokered deals with the Israeli regime.

The deals have been roundly condemned by Palestinians as a brazen betrayal of their cause.

Hezbollah noted that those meetings are ineffective, as “the real decision is the decision taken by the Palestinian people who are proving every day that there is no place for reconciliation and normalization with this criminal enemy,” adding that Palestinians are determined to continue their “heroic confrontation” until the full liberation of their land.

Israel occupied the West Bank and East al-Quds during the Six-Day War in 1967. It later annexed East al-Quds in a move not recognized by the international community.

Palestinians want the West Bank as part of a future independent Palestinian state with East al-Quds as its capital.

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