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Hezbollah Hails Palestinians’ Heroic Confrontation with Zionists Attacking Worshipers in Occupied Al-Quds

Hezbollah hailed on Friday the Palestinians’ heroic confrontation with the Israeli assaults on the worshipers in Al-Quds, expressing pride of the courageous stance of the Palestinian believers at the Damascus Gate and across the Holy City.

In a statement, Hezbollah strongly condemned the Israeli military measures, siege and restrictions being carried out by the enemy’s police and settler gangs for several days, which left a number of Palestinian citizens injured.

Hezbollah reiterated solidarity with the mujahid and noble people of Palestine, adding that the Palestinians identify the real destination of the Umma.

Hezbollah concluded that the sacrifices of the Palestinian people confirm that there is no place for the Zionist occupation on the pure land of Palestine.

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