Hezbollah hit Haifa and Israel with Syrian missiles in 33 day victory: Nasrallah

“There is a US-Israeli project against Syria,” he stated. “The US and Israel consider Syria as a problem, because Syria is a true supporter of the resistance.”

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said that Syria provided most of the arms and missiles that Hezbollah used against the Israeli aggressors in the 33-day War on Lebanon in 2006, insisting that the reason there is a major US-led effort to destabilize and eventually bring down the Syrian government is that Damascus has firmly stood by its commitment to support the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance against the Israeli regime, which the US tries to establish as the “gendarme of the region.”

He also criticized the Arab nations for not supporting the resistance as they have done in the 33 day victory.He said they even did not let us have bread but Syria sent us missiles and many weapons that made us victorious against Zionist Israel.

Syria had also supported the Palestine resistance by sending Hamas missiles and weapons in defiance of putting themselves under danger.That is what Assad pays for now.

He also declared his condolence for the top Syrian officials martyred yesterday in a brutal bomb attack committed by Syrian terrorists backed by US-Israel.

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