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Hezbollah Lawmaker to US Diplomat: Your Corrugate Remarks Filled with Slander and Grudge Due to Resistance Success in Liberating, Defending Lebanon

Member of the Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, responded to the recent remarks of the US David Hale, stressing that his corrugate statements were full of slander and grudge over Hezbollah success in building a deterrence power that capable of liberating and defending Lebanon.

“When the US officials miss the logical arguments, they throw the unfounded and false accusations which can no longer deceive anyone after the administration in Washington acknowledged paying hundreds of millions of dollars to disrepute Hezbollah.”

MP Moussawi stressed that Hale’s remarks reflect the flagrant and arrogant intervention of the United States in Lebanon’s domestic affairs, adding that Washington incites against the noblest phenomenon which, on the contrary of the US and Israeli desires, protected Lebanon.

MP Moussawi addressed Hale, “Your administration has provided the Zionist entity with the lethal weapons which have killed dozens of thousands of Lebanese people and destroyed Lebanon’s infrastructure over decades.”

The US administration has also vetoed any condemnation or punitive measures against the Zionist entity in international forums, according to MP Moussawi who emphasized that Hale himself knows that his allegations are baseless.

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