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Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Nasrallah: Who bet on the fall of the Syrian regime to abandon their bet

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called on the US administration and the zionist entity to understand very well that a war against Iran and Syria will not stay inside Iran and Syria, but will roll instead and spread out to the entire region.

During a ceremony on the Martyr’s Day in Master of Martyrs Complex (PBUH) in the southern suburb of Beirut Friday afternoon, his eminence delivered his speech via video link at the rally, noting that despite all the threats in the region, all the local, regional and international situations of today are in favor of the peoples of the region and the axis of defiance and resistance more than any time ever.

Sayyed Nasrallah believed that talk of an attack or a new war on Lebanon is an intimidation.

“We still rule out such an enemy assault on Lebanon regardless the developments in the region and the regional situation,” his eminence said, pointing out that if there is no plan for a regional war, any plan for an imminent war on Lebanon is ruled out.

His Eminence went on to call upon those who bet on the fall of the Syrian regime to abandon their bet. “Put this bet aside, it will fail just like previous bets had failed,” he said.


Hezbollah Secretary General assured that betting on regional developments will eventually fail.

Touching the recent US and zionist threats against Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Iran will not be afraid of fleets and intimidation.

“Iran and Syria were the two countries that opposed the US occupation of Iraq and the killing of its people. Iran did neither weaken nor subjected to the American terms.

“Whoever dares to launch war against Iran will be met with doubly that force,” he warned. “Iran is strong, solid and united; Iran is powerful and has a leader unique to the whole world.”

He added that any military action against Iran or Syria would engulf the entire region.

“They want to drag Iran into negotiations, and to force Syria to accept what it rejected in the past,” he noted.

“American defeat in Iraq has strategic results at every level of our region. I call to shed light upon American withdrawal and defeat in Iraq. Ben Ali’s and Gaddafi’s regimes fall is a loss to the US project; fall of Mubarak’s regime is a major loss for the US and israel,” his eminence added addressing the US project defeat in the Middle East.

“We affirm that since the reign of martyr Ahmad Qasir to the day we entered the era of victories, where days of defeats had gone. Local, regional and international situations are today in the interests of peoples of the region, as well as the axis of defiance and resistance more than any time ever”

“As long as we are the people of faith, determination and will in all next expectations, God willing we will win,” Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah concluded.

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