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Hezbollah MP Fadlallah Calls for Investigating Money Transfers Since the Beginning of 2019

Member of the “Loyalty to Resistance” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, called Saturday for launching an investigation into the money transfers that occurred since the outset of the year 2019, “because some individuals knew what was going to happen beforehand, so they escaped their money from the beginning of the year…and the banks knew about this situation, so did the Central Bank.”

Speaking during a memorial ceremony held in the southern town of Qana this morning, Fadlallah said: “We are facing an internal financial and economic crisis, and we are always looking for solutions…We always say to officials during the sessions that we hold in Parliament or with those concerned, that it is not the job of the official to complain, for the citizen is the one who complains, while the official is required to find appropriate solutions; otherwise why would he be in a position of responsibility in the government, bank, administration, or parliament?”

He added: “One of the basic steps to tackle the crisis lies in the existence of a government, because it is responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures and managing the affairs of the country, and without it we cannot take decisions nor make reforms.”

Fadlallah hoped that “the government would see the light soon, and agree on its ministerial statement as soon as possible, since a general understanding of the principles of the directions that will govern its work exists. Hence, it can set its ministerial statement and gain confidence the soonest possible, in order to start its work, because the priority is the financial situation and the economic and daily living conditions that are depleting the country every day.”

Over the US sanctions’ issue, the MP considered that “the sanctions imposed on our countries and the resistance movements are among the wars waged against us,” stressing that “all these sanctions that come from the United States, its group, and the countries in its orbit, cannot affect our resistance in its decision, strength, immunity, and constant willingness to carry out its duties.”

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