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Hezbollah Parl. Bloc: Army-People-Resistance Formula Only Way to Protect Lebanon from ‘israel’

The “Loyalty to Resistance” parliamentary bloc on Thursday stressed that sticking to the army-people-resistance formula is the only way to defend and protect Lebanon from the heavily-armed Israeli enemy.

The US pressure and siege aim at forcing the Lebanese to abandon this principle and surrender in face of the Zionist occupation forces, the bloc said in a statement following its weekly meeting.

The statement highlighted the necessity of a “consistent national stance” away from narrow considerations, in order to withstand the current financial and economic plight.

“Confronting the stifling crisis that has hit all the Lebanese in their interests, lifestyle and future, requires a consistent national stance.”

“The rescue mission necessitates further government efficiency and productivity,” the group added.

On the rising number of coronavirus cases, the bloc stressed on the importance of abiding by social distances rules and the Ministry of Public Health’s regulations.

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