‘Hezbollah presence in Syria, telling step to defend Lebanon’



Sheikh Maher Abdul-Razzaq, the president of the Lebanon’s Reform and Unity Movement, told Rasa, “after the 2006 33-Day War between the Zionist Entity and Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance Forces [Hezbollah] were far more powerful than during the previous conflict, such that the capabilities of this country were ready to combat any threat by the Zionist, American and Takfiri forces.”

The Sunni cleric said that the Islamic Resistance brought honour, dignity and power for Lebanon and the people of Lebanon are proud of the Islamic Resistance and the country’s support for this movement. Many Arab armies, powerful governments and wealthy Arabs were unable to reach the achievements of the Islamic resistance.

“During and after the 33-Day War, the honourable Resistance Forces acted in such a way that the people of Lebanon felt a sense of power and strength,” he said.

He said that the presence of Hezbollah in Syria and in the fight against Takfiri groups is an important step in defence of Lebanon and that one could even say its actions are in defence of the Islamic world and all Arab countries.

“If Hezbollah did not enter Syria, today Takfiri terrorists would be present on the streets and allies of the towns and villages of the Golan Heights,” he said.

Sheikh Abdul-Razzaq explained that Hezbollah has adopted a policy that benefits all parties and tribes of Lebanon. Besides this, Syria and other Arab countries also benefit from Hezbollah’s resistance in the country. This movement also benefits the unity of the Islamic ummah because the Islamic Resistance in Syria does not seek to defend a particular state or a particular government but represents the Islamic ummah in the fight against the Takfiri phenomenon.

He stated that the safety and security that the Lebanese people have today is the result of Hezbollah’s efforts and policies. If anyone thinks the current situation in Lebanon was created by itself, they are wrong. It is not that security came about without sacrifice but serious efforts have been made so that the current situation has become normal. For example, Hezbollah’s successful operations on the Lebanon-Syria border contributed to the peace the country enjoys.

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