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VIDEO: Hezbollah Releases Video of Ghajar Cross-Border Operation for First Time

On the 12th anniversary of the Divine Victory in the 2006 July War, Hezbollah published for the first time video showing prominent resistance commander, Mohammad Qanso, leading the 2005 resistance operation against Israeli military outpost in the border village of Al-Ghajar.

In remembrance of Qanso, who was martyred in the last days of July war, Hezbollah War Media Center released the video which was aired on Al-Manar TV on Sunday.

Qanso, known for his nom de guerre “Sajed Dueir”, appears in the video bravely leading the wide-scale operation which took place on November 21, 2005.

The video, which was aired on Al-Manar on Sunday, shows “Hajj Sajed” along with several Hezbollah fighters storming the Israeli outpost in Al-Ghajar, and then successfully withdrawing.

Meanwhile in the video, other fighters appear on ATVs, in the largest operation of this type mounted prior to the 2006 operation, when Hezbollah fighters captured two Israeli soldiers in bid to carry out a swap deal aimed at liberating resistance fighters prisoned by the Zionist entity.

“Hajj Sajed” was well known for the Israelis, who made every possible effort during July War to pursue the high-ranking commander’s voiceprint on handheld transceiver, Al-Manar reporter, Ali Shoieb said.

The Hezbollah commander was martyred in an Israeli strike on August 10, four days before July War ended on August 14.

Al-Manar reporter talked to one of Hezbollah fighters who accompanied “Hajj Sajed” during the heroic battles in south Lebanon during the 33-day war in 2006.

The fighter said that Hajj Sajed was known for his bravery, adding that few days before the commander’s martyrdom, he was certain of the resistance victory and that he told the fighters with him “the Israeli enemy is over”.

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