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Hezbollah: Salfit Operation Reiterates Death of Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

Hezbollah congratulated the Palestinian people and factions of resistance on the “heroic” Salfit operation, greeting the “brave” young man who carried out it.


In a statement issued on Monday, Hezbollah considered that the young man who carried out the operation showed that the Palestinian youths are determined to liberate and defend their land by using all the possible means and that throughout all the generations they will keep sticking to their right and cause.

Hezbollah also viewed the operation as a quality development of the Palestinian resistance method and ability to penetrate the Zionist security measures, considering that it proved the resistance fighters’ ability to initiate wherever and whenever they decide.

“This operation confirms that the escalating Israeli assaults and violations will never keep unanswered.”

Hezbollah also noted that the Palestinian people reiterated the “Deal of the Century” was born dead and that independence and freedom will be Palestine’s future, stressing that the vows of Trump and his tools in the region can never change this truth.

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