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Hezbollah Sues Those Who Fabricated His Alleged Involvement in Beirut Port Blast

Hezbollah tasked several lawyers to sue figures and media outlets over fabricating news over the Lebanese Resistance’s alleged involvement in August 4 Beirut Post blast, Member of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc Ibrahim Al-Mousawi announced on Friday.

Talking to reporters near the Justice Palace in Beirut, MP Al-Mousawi stressed that the blast at Beirut Port “is a crime that some side attempted to politically invest in.”

“The accusations launched against Hezbollah lack legal basis and are unjust. They represent real aggression (against Hezbollah).”

“It’s our duty to defend ourselves against such actions,” the Lebanese lawmaker said, noting that Hezbollah’s legal team has brought suit against “all those who circulated misleading and fabrications against Hezbollah.

“We support responsible and free speech and our suits will be based on legal basis and authentic documents in a bid to sue those who tamper with national security,” Al-Mousawi stated.

Meanwhile, he stressed that the Lebanese judiciary is the reference that keeps the security in the country, vowing to sue “all media outlets which tried to distract Hezbollah’s image.”

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