Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advances Push Netanyahu to Visit to Russia


The remarkable battlefield advance in Syria achieved by Hezbollah troops and the Syrian army imposed the Zionist Prime Minister to pay an unplanned visit to Moscow next Thursday (March 9) in order to urge the Russian officials to save the Israeli interests in the context of any solution to Syria crisis.

Zionist analysts considered that the Zionist entity have enjoyed an adequate border situation in its relation with the terrorist groups, underscoring the importance of preventing Hezbollah troops and the Syrian army from returning into the Golan Heights.

The analysts added that the Russian role in Syria intensified that of Hezbollah and Iran, which affects negatively the Zionist projects in the region.

The Israel analysts also highlighted the prosperous ties with a number of Arab countries, noting that the common interests are improving those relations.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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