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Hezbollah to crush zionist enemy in any future war: Official

Head of Hezbollah's Political Council, Ibrahim al- Amine al-Sayyid, said Sat. that the Resistance will destroy the enemy in the future war, adding that the Lebanese Resistance has roots in Islam and the Islamic Revolution.

Head of Hezbollah’s Political Council, Ibrahim al- Amine al-Sayyid, made the comments on Today (Saturday) as he was addressing a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the movement’s founding at the Janta camp in Bekaa Valley, “al-Ahed News” reported.

“War will not break the resistance, but any future war will be an opportunity for Resistance to completely crush its enemies,” al-Sayyid said.

The Hezbollah official added that the Lebanese Hezbollah was founded by the late Imam Khomeini and had roots in Islam and the Islamic Revolution.

He added that the Israeli regime faces an existential threat on the part of the Resistance despite all the support it receives from international backers. 

The Hezbollah official added that  Iran has made a strategic transformation in the region, adding that “What we have achieved in Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen is one of the blessings of this great Imam [Khomeini] and his spirit and his orders and inspirations.”

Elsewhere, al-Sayyid asked which religion would let normalize relations with the enemy, saying that in the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, the Resistance disappointed the Zionist enemy once again.

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