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Hezbollah to EU Parliaments: Saudi-Rooted Terrorism Strikes Everywhere


Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc sent a letter to the European parliament speakers following Brussels terrorist attacks, expressing deep sorrow and grief as well as firm condemnation for the serious assaults that have threatened peace and security in Europe and the entire world.

Those attacks and their consequences reminded the Lebanese of the assaults that were similarly committed by the terrorist group of ISIL which has been destroying all the human aspects of life in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, according to Hezbollah bloc.

“The Saudi role in supporting the terrorist groups educationally, politically, financially, and militarily enable them to match the Zionist pattern of aggressiveness.”

“Some European countries must reconsider their faulty policies that helped the terrorist groups to augment their capabilities.”

“As a Resistance movement that seeks freedom, Hezbollah expresses his solidarity with European people, calling on the EU governments to take the necessary measure to confront terrorism.”

“Finally Hezbollah expressed deep condolences to the families of Brussels attacks, hoping a speedy recovery for the injured.”

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